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Case History
Heavy metal toxicity: A man in his 60’s had a severe rash. It was very itchy and was like small sores or ulcers especially on his arms and legs. (more)...
An engineer in his 40’s had brain fog so severe he had trouble forming sentences. (more)...
A 40 year old professional with tingling, burning, and numbness in her limbs (more)...
45 year old woman with relentless severely itchy hives had been evaluated and treated for allergies with no relief. (more)...
A 48 year old woman had had sleeping difficulties since the birth of her child at age 38 (more)...
About Us

           I work with my assistants in Athens, Pennsylvania .  That is 35 miles south of Ithaca , New York , 15 miles east of Elmira , New York , and 45 miles west of Binghamton, New York .  Our address is 328 South Main Street, Athens, PA   18810, and phone number is 570-888-8886.  At the moment I do not take email communication.  I see people in my office Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 2:00pm except Wednesdays.  I do “non-patient” phone consultations during the same hours and for the same fees.


            I do not bill insurance companies, including Medicare.  Unfortunately insurance companies do not reimburse primary care doctors very well for our services and so doctors have to see more and more people per hour in order to compensate for that.  I do not want to have to rush through appointments as I did when I was working for insurance reimbursement and I know my clients do not want me to rush through their appointments either.  My usual first visit is one hour and fifteen minutes and follow-up visits can be 15, 30, 45 minutes to an hour depending on need and preference.  I  charge for the amount of time I spend; if we have to spend more time I charge for that, I charge less if we spend less time.  You will receive a “super bill” with CPT codes and diagnosis codes on it which you can submit yourself to your insurance company.  Many clients receive insurance reimbursement that way.  Likewise with testing:  insurance plans will often cover standard blood testing and may cover special lab testing as well. 


Fees as of July 30, 2019.


30 minutes $165.00
45 minutes $215.00
1 hour $250.00
New Patient Appointment $325.00
Again, my goal is to get to the root cause of your problem.